How to set up your Facebook profile for success

When you decide to start implementing organic marketing on Facebook into your strategy, you will see an increase in quality leads. Generally speaking, organic marketing is always more profitable than paid. In this short article, I will share with you how you can set up your Facebook profile for success.


1. Your Profile Banner

When potential clients land on your profile, it should be crystal clear within seconds what it is you can help them with. Your profile banner should be beautifully designed, should have a clear call to action (CTA) and it should be set up mobile-friendly.


facebook marketing


2. Your Intro

The intro is located right below your profile picture. Again, it should be crystal clear in one sentence what it is you do and it should include a link to a freebie as well. Speak to your ideal customer avatar directly, for example, “I help coaches to get to $10k months organically – Download free PDF here -> YOUR LINK”. You can use or any other shortener tool to save some of those spaces.


facebook marketing

3. Your Sidebar

The sidebar should also only display one call to action. If you run multiple businesses and have multiple calls to action, all this does is confusing the people and as we know, confused people never buy. So really make sure you only place one URL in your sidebar, and that URL should be the same as from your intro. You can, however, add your Facebook group’s URL, as that is an additional place where you are able to catch any leads and start profitable messenger conversations. 


facebook marketing


All in all, to wrap this up, you should be using your personal Facebook profile as a billboard. It’s free to use and you can really make Facebook work for you, instead of wasting your precious time on Facebook yourself. Change the game and take as much benefit from the platform as you can as long as it’s still possible!